Substance-free Facility

In August 2017, SigEp’s undergraduate legislative body took another historic step for our Fraternity. The Grand Chapter voted on and passed a resolution to effectively ban alcohol and other illicit substances from all SigEp chapter homes by 2020.

The following resources will help you understand important aspects of the resolution:

  • Substance-free Facilities Resolution: Check out the resolution in its entirety to best understand the scope and important features.
  • Substance-free One Page Guide: Your one-stop shop to learn the basics of SigEp’s substance-free facilities policy.
  • FAQ: Review frequently asked questions to better understand the resolution and its implementation.
  • Risk Management & Event Planning: Under the substance-free facilities policy, all chapter events with alcohol must be held outside of the chapter facility. Alcohol can be provided at those events either through a bring-your-own-beverage (BYOB) system or through a third-party vendor. See below for information on both of those types of events:
    • Third-party Vendor Event Checklist: An easy-to-use checklist to plan your chapter’s third-party vendor event.
    • BYOB Event Checklist: An easy-to-use checklist to plan your chapter’s BYOB event.
    • Member Safety: As always, all events must be in compliance with SigEp’s risk management policies. Visit the member safety homepage to learn more.