Naming Rights

As of November 8, 2023 

1. A component of the Indiana Alpha “A New Beginning” fundraising campaign, “Naming Rights” will be available for qualified donors for rooms and identified spaces in the renovated 690 Waldron chapter house.

2. A qualified donor is an individual, family or group that agrees to a donation equal to the dollar amount identified for a given room or space.  For example, John Smith, The Smith Family, or John Smith. Mike Brown, Bob Jones.  A completed pledge form will be necessary to secure “Naming Rights. “Naming Rights” will be granted on a first come basis. If pledges have already been made, and an individual or group would like to secure “Naming Rights”, send email with Donors names and donation amounts, and designated room for “Naming Rights” to

3. Recognize that rooms and spaces will be different than in the original house. For instance, “Room 5” may no longer exist. (See attached diagram).  However, a space (in the same area as Room 5) can be dedicated to “Room 5”, or certain individuals, class or group via a plaque outside each area outlining donors naming specifications.  Note, all naming specifications will be approved the SigEp AVC prior to donation commitment.

4. “Naming Rights” will be secured for an initial period of Fifteen (15)years. We anticipate that overtime conditions will change and that future house renovations and fundraising will be necessary. However, the original individual, family or group will able to extend “Naming Rights” for a period or periods of five (5) years, with a contribution of 25% of the original donation amount per extension period. We anticipate the after the initial 15-year period there will be inflation applied to the “Naming Right” required donations, but original donors will be exempt and extension period(s) will be based on the original donation.

5. All “Naming Rights” conformations will be completed on or before June 30, 2024.