Ruck Leadership Institute

The Frank J. Ruck Leadership Institute is an intense five-day event for SigEp’s top rising leaders. The Fraternity’s best and brightest gather in Virginia over the summer for a program focused on personal leadership skills and the Balanced Man Ideal. Prominent SigEp alumni serve as mentors and guide Ruck scholars through competitive challenges and lessons in leadership.

Participants are stretched both mentally and physically and pushed to explore their potential. The result is that Ruck scholars learn about their leadership styles, and how to apply them to different situations. The program’s mission is, “Teaching the few to impact the many,” and Ruck scholars all return to their campus ready to utilize their new skills to impact their campus and community.

Ruck scholars are selected for their leadership experience on campus and in the community, as well as a commitment to Sound Mind and Sound Body. Ruck scholars must be strong students and physically active.

The Ruck Leadership Institute was conceived in 1998, with a curriculum based on the world-renowned book, The Leadership Challenge, co-authored by Brother Barry Posner, California- Santa Barbara ’70.