Tragos Quest to Greece

The Tragos Quest to Greece changes the way brothers view the world, their Fraternity and themselves. Guided by alumni mentors and university faculty, Tragos Quest to Greece Scholars study the influence that Greek philosophy, governance and the arts has and continues to have in everyday life. Brothers explore Greek culture and contemplate the origins of SigEp’s values and the Balanced Man ideal.

The program includes visits to ancient historical sites such as Athens, Delphi, Nauplion, Salamis, an active archaeological dig at Olympus, and the battlefield at Marathon. Brothers explore the foundations of the fraternal world, experience SigEp’s ritual in a new light and study the philosophies of Socrates and Aristotle while walking the same streets where those great minds taught.

The Quest study abroad experience is unprecedented and unmatched in the fraternity world. The program is named for and made possible by a generous gift from Past Grand President William G. Tragos, Washington in St. Louis ’56, and his wife, Lilli.